Privacy Policy is dedicated to protecting the privacy of its customers. During your shopping experience you may be asked to provide information such as your name, address, telephone number, e-mail, and/or payment information. This information is primarily asked when purchasing products on the site. Additional information may be requested when registering with No information will be shared with third parties unless requested by law or there is a concern of suspicious behavior. 

Shopping Experience wants to provide its customers with a fast and exciting shopping experience. The Pawmegranate team takes pride in protecting all private information that is given during anytime while visiting the website.

Social Media allows customers to stay informed on any events, exciting new, or coupons by taking part of several social media sites. If you choose to take part in these sites, some personal information may be obtained to help strengthen your shopping experience.

Privacy Policy Changes

The privacy policy may be updated periodically. When visiting the site you agree to any policy changes. Please feel free to contact customer service at anytime regarding questions you may have with the privacy policy.