Frequently Asked Questions

Are pomegranates safe for my dog?

We recommend that you speak to a local veterinarian before you feed a pomegranate fruit to your dog, however, Pawmegranate Dog Treats are completely safe for your dog.

How many Pawmegranate Strips can I give my dog a day?

It all depends on the size of your dog, but we would not recommend giving a large dog more than ONE strip a day.

My dog accidentally ate a whole bag of Pawmegranate Dog Treats because they are so delicious! What should I do?

Not to worry, Pawmegranate Dog Treats are made ONLY with healthy ingredients. Your dog may have an upset stomach, but your dog will be ok. We recommend bringing your dog to a local veterinarian if the symptoms get worse.

If you have anymore questions concerning Pawmegranate Dog Treats, then please feel free to email us at