Jared Shlager, CEO

Jared Shlager was introduced to the pet industry when he was 6 years old. Growing up in the industry allowed him to learn the valuable tactics needed to succeed in a business environment. As young as age 13, Shlager observed how consumers were purchasing unhealthy products for their pets. Soon, he began inventing and designing high quality pet products to make a beneficial impact across the world. Three years later, the goal took a major step as Shlager established JMS Creative Designs, Inc. Since his early high school career, he has invented and designed multiple lines of pet products that have been sold all over the world. Shlager has created dog toys for only the top manufacturers in the industry, such as Ethical Pet Products, Beefeaters, Multipet International, and several successful others.

Before turning 20, Shlager began branching out into E-commerce. He had the goal of creating the most trusted, healthiest online pet supply store in the U.S. When he wasn’t studying, Shlager was busy building multiple pet e-commerce sites from his dorm room at the University of Tampa. He competed with Amazon, PetSmart, Petco, and many other powerful retailers. He was interviewed on a couple local news stations and had a cover story on the University website for his achievements. Shlager graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Entrepreneurship.

Today, at age 24, Shlager has started another business called Boston Treat House. Overall, Boston Treat House is an empire that creates the future of animal health & wellness. Recently, Shlager was invited to a Cabinet meeting by the Governor of Florida, where he received the Governor's Young Entrepreneur Award by Governor Rick Scott himself. Shlager was also recently awarded Pet Age's 2015 Top Forty under 40 in the pet industry, and was publicized in the December issue.

Story Behind Pawmegranate

Before graduating, Jared Shlager noticed that dog treat manufacturers were not creating the healthiest dogs treats when they had the ability to do so. Most manufacturers, for example, will create a dog treat with apples in them and write “superfruit” on the packaging, yet there are dozens of fruits and berries all over the world that are healthier and more powerful than an apple. Shlager never understood how manufacturers could put their treats out on the market and not use the healthiest ingredients possible. After graduating, he began studying the healthiest ingredients from all over the world, teaching himself how to create the “healthiest of the healthiest” formulas, and building the most innovative brands introduced to the industry.

Jared Shlager formulated and built the Pawmegranate Brand, so he could share the knowledge with pet owners about the importance of exotic super fruits. His goal is to make pets healthier than they have ever been in existence. Years ago, dogs did not have the option to eat such healthy ingredients. Pet owners would not be able to purchase pomegranate treats for their dogs, as the market did not have treats with pomegranates in them. Pawmegranate was created to give pet owners the opportunity to buy such healthy treats for their dog, with the intention of giving their dog the "healthiest of the healthiest" ingredients. Pawmegranate is the first and only brand ever created, where every flavor contains real, antioxidant-rich pomegranates.